Contract Cleaning Services

For businesses requiring ongoing cleaning and maintenance, Duha provides high-quality and safe cleaning services including labour and consumables on a contractual basis, for mining and commercial businesses.

Our cleaning services are available in the Perth Metro and Goldfields Region with a combination of local indigenous and non-indigenous staff, all fully trained and well equipped to carry out the work to the utmost standard. We pride ourselves on providing a transparent service with detailed custom checklists that ensure all areas are sanitised carefully and efficiently.

For businesses in the Goldfields region, we offer cleaning services on a FIFO schedule.

We develop positive client relationships built on trust, reliability, integrity – and cleanliness!

Our contract cleaning services include:

  • Desk cleaning
  • Spot cleaning of buttons/light switches
  • Sweeping/vacuuming Floors
  • Mopping wet areas
  • Interior/exterior window washing (ground level only)
  • Dusting venetian blinds
  • Waste collection and removal
  • Bin disinfection
  • Wall cleaning
  • Cobweb removal
  • Kitchen appliance detailing
  • Clean/Scrub sinks
  • Clean/polish metal fixtures
  • Replenish toilet/kitchen supplies
  • Maintenance of sealed flooring
    (including stripping and re-application)

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