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Duha Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company providing commercial janitorial services to the business and mining sectors.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do

We truly value the relationships we build with our clients and always operate with the client at the front of mind, listening to your needs and adapting to the demands of the situation to undertake cleaning activities in a safe and efficient manner.

Our mission is to empower workers by ensuring a consistently clean work space, to support their focus on their employed role and not be disturbed by the environment around them. 

We love what we do and we believe it’s shown in the way we do business. Using hospital grade cleaning products that are also environmentally friendly, and going the extra mile to take care of our clients needs, we strive to always provide cleaning services to the utmost standard with a smile on our face.

About the Owner

Liz, Manager of Duha Cleaning Services, is a proud Aboriginal person of Yilka heritage in the Goldfields Region of Western Australia.

Having over twenty years’ experience in cleaning and catering, Liz understands the importance of a clean and safe working environment. During her time, Liz has worked for several leading civil, mining, and construction companies, including ESS, Action Catering, Decmil, NRW, Toll Energy, and Brierty.

Liz is passionate about three key objectives, Quality, Customer Service, and Integrity, which have become the cornerstones of Duha Cleaning Services.


We pride ourselves on high-quality and safe cleaning services. We build individual cleaning checklists for each contract to ensure tasks are consistently done to an exceptional standard for our clients.

Customer Service

We are committed to building strong positive relationships with our clients, which allows Duha to adapt to any changes if/when required.


We operate with honesty and efficiency, ensuring minimal impact to clients’ normal business requirements.

Our Story 

The story of Duha Cleaning Services starts in 2019 when the Yilka Aboriginal Corporation nominated Elizabeth (Liz) Wyatt for the right to a cleaning contract opportunity with the newly established Gruyere mine.

Liz came about the name Duha for the business to pay respect to her Grandmother and Yilka Elder, Duha, whom she loved and admired. With permission from her Elders, Liz went about setting up Duha with the mindset of keeping the memory of her Grandmother.

Liz has over twenty years’ experience in the cleaning industry and wanted to use this opportunity to build a business with strong safety and quality foundations for clients across Western Australia. Duha Cleaning Services is proudly 100% Aboriginal Owned and Managed.

We continue to grow our team with like-minded individuals, encouraging aboriginal employment and personal growth.

Featured Project

MACA: Gruyere Gold Project

Located 200km east of Laverton, the Gruyere Gold Project is a Joint Venture between Gold Road Resources and Gold Fields. The mine has been operated by MACA (previously Downer Mining) since its commencement in 2018.

Duha proudly provides cleaning services, under a five-year contract, to the administration and support buildings at the mine site.